We will not insist on convincing you that we have the best quality oils and ingredients. We will not be telling you that we will meet all your needs. We will not be presenting our complex offer. Instead, we will show you something that you will not find with others.


Low minimum quantities


We provide you with an opportunity to create a unique line of your own perfumes already in the smallest series of 500 pieces. This way you reduce the investment risk to the minimum.


Collaboration with a team of experts


We do not just create fragrances themselves. Collaborating with WPJ International, you collaborate with excellent graphic artists, marketers, designers,  technicians, etc. All of them want your success and do their best to achieve it.


Wide-scale distribution


We do not only deal with launching and advertising your own perfumes in Poland but also abroad. At the very start, you have a chance to conquershe the largest European fragrance markets!


Don’t just take our word for it. Call or write, and you will see for yourself that we mean what we say.