The process of creating an own brand of perfume is as simple as 1-2-3. Like a piece of cake. With our assistance it will be just another exciting experience in your life.


How does it work?


  1. Create a brand

We give it a catchy, genuine name. To this, we choose a logo, leading colours and the values that it follows. Your brand has just been created.


  1. Choose a bottle

All right, we buy perfumes especially in order to smell nice, but remember – your customers are mostly visualisers. We will choose a bottle that will be as ravishing as its content.


  1. Compose a fragrance

You have a huge number of ingredients to choose from: floral, fruity, spicy, sweet, hot… No worries – they all come from carefully pre-inspected raw materials. We mix, supplement and decoct until we get that only fragrance.


  1. Design the packaging

Sometimes it happens that it is just the packaging that is the first link in the contact with a prospective customer. We do not forget it, and create interesting boxes matching the vial and the entire vision of the fragrance.


  1. Bear in mind marketing and advertising

Your perfume is ready – now you only have to tell others about it. We will prepare the necessary marketing materials (leaflets and samples among other things), through which the customer will take interest in your brand and will be willing to learn more about it.



Voila! Your brands exists, and so do the products constituting it, and the advertising is in progress. Do you see how easy and pleasant it is?