Production of perfumes is an extensive process. Did you know that obtaining one litre of essential oil for a composition requires processing approximately one thousand kilograms of flower petals by extraction, filtration and distillation?


Well, yes – we did not use the word composition without a cause. Fragrance creations resemble in some respects musical pieces, therefore we use the terminology relating to this field of arts.


So we invite you to listen to an extraordinary song.


Compositions, that is the most important mixtures, decisive for the substance of the fragrance, consist of three chords: base, middle (of the heart) and high (of the head). The individual chords are composed of notes, that is single scents. Due to the volatility, the first to be sensed are the notes of the head, then – of the heart, and as the last one, the base scent is released.

Our specialists create in isolated laboratories overfilled with a multitude of oils and odoriferous substances. Far away from the intensive odours that might adversely affect their work. It may even take several months to compose a perfume – during this time we polish all the notes and the tunes created by them.


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